Day 8: On my way home…

Day 8: On my way home…

     ‘That stone better not hit me’, I mumbled, staggering through the narrow road which served as a shortcut from the school to my apartment. Children in their grey and white uniform were bustling all around, screaming, jumping and playing with stones. They didn’t mind the heat of the 41 degrees radiating on their skin or the coarse clay path hindering clear cut movement- I did.

       Shuffling past the energy-filled kids, jealousy crept up in me seeing the parents in cars lined up on one side of the path; what I’d give to be in one of those.

          I glanced up at the sky, nope, no sign of a storm today. Patches of wet mud were visible, I evaded them. A little further, and the trees obscured the penetrating rays of the sun.

     The voices of the children were faint, which was a relief. The residential homes situated on this part bestowed it a villagy look. The bungalows were arranged linearly in varying colors of cream, green and yellow on either side. The bumps increased; I relocated to the sideline of the houses. The floors were wet.
The blaring of horns and screeches of cars filled the atmosphere- I wasn’t bothered. Standing across from me was the three story apartment I called ‘home’. Joy was only for a moment; the flight of stairs was awaiting my arrival.

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