Day 6: The Lady In Black

Day 6: The Lady In Black

Today’s writing prompt is ‘character building’; it is the hardest assignment to me so far because description is one of my weak points. But as they say, practice makes perfect, so here goes:

Coffee in hand, she roams the street
Cares on her sleeve- she sips, she blinks
Looks to me, then turns away
The lady In black- but a mystery

Never a hello, nor a goodbye
Walks with the world beneath her feet
The men agape- in love they say,
The dark haired lady- sways away

Oh but a mystery- she is,
Cold stares but i caught- within the blink
A story to tell, I think they yearn-
The red lipped lady, never speaks.

3 thoughts on “Day 6: The Lady In Black

  1. This is great! The other character building prompts i’ve read are usually short stories but I loved this idea of a poem. You definitely told not only qualities of appearance but also a mysterious attribute to it. Great work!


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