Bring Back Our Girls: 5 months; An enraged citizen

Bring Back Our Girls: 5 months; An enraged citizen


I belong to a country whose president cares more about campaigning for re-election (despite the massive failure of his two terms) than finding and bringing back over 200 abducted teenage girls. Yes, not one or even two, but over two hundred teenage girls were abducted from their school in the north-eastern part of Nigeria; today marks 150 days since their abduction and still, Nothing. I can’t begin to phantom what the families of these girls are going through. Protests upon protests, mass media coverage, international celebrity involvement, UNICEF- have all spoken out and are enraged in the abduction of the Girls and yet, all we got from the presidential villa was a speech by the First Lady filled with previously unimaginable grammatical blunders and fake tears.
For a country known to be the Giant of Africa, this is a huge embarrassment and a disgrace. Just because these girls come from lower class or rural areas doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the highest amount of effort into finding them. Five months! Lord only knows the physical, mental and psychological trauma those girls are going through right now.

Everyday, I log onto twitter and I see the hashtag ‘ForwardNigeria’ stating the improvement in our agricultural sector, revenue generated from oil export, new infrastructures. But in my eyes, there is no forward without those girls. Over 200 girls can’t just vanish and then be swept under the rug. No! If ever there is a justification for being enraged, then this is it. The lack of effort by the presidency in finding those girls is pathetic. They “say” they are trying, but come on, it’s been 5 MONTHS.

It is my duty and your duty as individuals, especially citizens of Nigeria to speak out, voice your airs on the lack of sufficient action in finding the girls. Use the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls and spread the word. We owe it to those girls to make sure they are not forgotten.


5 thoughts on “Bring Back Our Girls: 5 months; An enraged citizen

  1. Reblogged this on Tope Collins and commented:
    “The President assures all Nigerians and the international community that his administration remains fully engaged with efforts to rescue the abducted girls and that he will not knowingly promote any actions that will fly in the face of the seriousness of their plight and the anguish of their families.” No result to this effort…What a President !


  2. Spot on – president cared more about re-election than saving lives but most devastatingly are the citizens working on his re-election campaign. Why? Because none of their children/families were among the victims. Well done and thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.


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