Flawed Emotions

Flawed Emotions



I am supposed to write about how I feel
When I don’t fully understand how that feels

I feel angry… I feel sad
I feel high… Unsatisfied
I feel hopeful… On the wary side
about the future… Yet looking forward to it

I’m scared of being alone
Petrified of being in love
What if love ends? And we’re just
A pair of couple in despair

I’m scared that I am crazy
I’m scared that I am scarred
I’m scared of being too scared
Or damaged beyond repair

I love way too hard
For way too long…
But I never tell a soul
I love in silence, that’s my flaw

And oomf…
He makes me angry
He makes me burn
He fills me with ‘such’ feelings
But He will never know

5 thoughts on “Flawed Emotions

  1. I like this and can relate deeply how love is so huge in our lives when it suppose to be lovely. It can be despairing and dark because without the dark the light does not shine its light on LOVE


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