The Daily Post: oh, i fell off a bike!

The Daily Post: oh, i fell off a bike!


The Daily Post: Uncanned Laughter
A misused word, a misremembered song lyric, a cream pie that just happened to be there: tell us about a time you (or someone else) said or did.

I absolutely love today’s topic because coming from Nigeria, we are a bunch of drama folks- one way or the other, there is always something unexpectedly funny.

During my last holiday in Nigeria, a friend of my mum came to visit. And told us this story which had recently happened to her cousin, Ak(not real name):
Ak who is married went to his friend’s house (who is also married). Anyway, the friend was complaining to Ak that his wife had too much problems and was causing him headache. All the while, not knowing that the wife was actually listening. She was so mad that her husband would complain about her to his friend.
When the friend was done, Ak began his own. He told his friend, “you’re so lucky, my wife has made my home a living hell”.

The friends wife who was gossiped about first, heard all this and decided to avenge.
She called Ak’s wife and told her what Ak said about her. When Ak got back home, he saw his wife all dressed up, scenting of perfume, ready to go out. He tried to talk to her to know where she was going to, but she ignored him and got into the car. He really didn’t thinks she was serious. As he tried to stop the car, she put the gear in drive, brushed him to the side with the car and took off. Well, it wasn’t just any brush cause he sustained injuries.

He felt so embarrassed (still does) to tell people that he got injured cause his wife hit him with a car. Where I come from, it is de-manning. So, anytime anyone asks him about his injuries, he says ‘oh, I fell off a motorcycle’. He’d rather get a lecture about the disadvantages of riding motorcycles with the bad roads in Nigeria, than say his wife gave him injuries.

P.S if you are a guy and want to gossip about your wife, think twice, for your sake.
That’s it…my uncanned laughter!!

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