Rape Victims’ Injustice: Speaking Out

Rape Victims’ Injustice: Speaking Out



    It’s 3am in the morning and while normal human beings are asleep I am fully and wide awake ready to Rant! Yes, because of the horrific crime I just read about which has made me begin to lose faith in humanity.

     In Early 2013, a 16 year old teenage girl while returning to her home from a funeral was attacked and repeatedly gang raped by 6 men. Her unconscious body was later found dumped in a latrine. This heinous crime happened in a rural village in Kenya, Africa. Oh, and that’s just part of the story. It turns out that she reported the crime to the authorities and despite the brutality of the crime and the injuries she sustained which includes a broken spine, three out of the six men were given a punishment of grass cutting and then freed. Yes! Their punishment for “gang-raping” is to cut grass. They might as well have been given a pat on the back and told well- done.

         Seriously, when did humans become so insensitive that a crime such as rape is treated like no crime at all. It takes courage, it takes strength to stand up and speak out against such a crime especially when it is directed at one, and for it to be treated as nothing is heartbreaking and demoralizing. I cant begin to imagine what Liz (that’s what she’s called) and her family are going through especially after the mediocre punishment given to the perpetrators. She deserves justice.

         As expected, such injustice created an uproar in the journalism and activism world and lately, a petition called #Justice4Liz has gotten over one million signatures, calling for action against the perpetrators. It’s been about a year now since the incident, and one of the six assaulters is set to go on trial.

       The authorities say they are trying and no doubt they are trying to reduce the rates of sexual violence incidence, but here’s the thing- it’s not enough. In reality, the cases of sexual violence has increased this year. The assaulters need to know that they cant and won’t get away with sexual crimes; such a law should be enforced. Women should be allowed to feel safe again, it’s high time.

I stand by Liz and every other woman out there who despite the odds they encountered in their journey for justice still stayed headstrong, determined and didn’t give up. They are the warriors. Stay safe, stay strong,
                           Sticks & Stones

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