Demons of Depression: asking for help!

Demons of Depression: asking for help!



A few days back, I awoke to the news of the death of Robin Williams. Personally, I don’t really know a lot about him. But what I know is this- he meant so much to a lot of people and that enough speaks for itself. The cause of death was ‘Suicide’. It turns out that this jovial bowl of sunshine was actually battling deep down with the demons of depression. This goes to show that there is no age limit for depression and anyone can be suffering and you wouldn’t even know it. That sucks.

Depression is a condition that shouldn’t be taken lightly as we have very often seen it’s unfortunate outcome.  It is real, serious and shouldn’t be joked about. And if you are going through depression, I want to urge, please ask for help. It is okay! You are not alone In this battle. Admitting you need help only takes you one step closer to suppressing those demons.

A lot of people suffer from depression in silence, and a little too often, we end up losing them to suicide. It hurts, it really does to find out that the goofy neighbor or that outspoken best friend committed suicide due to depression. They were a walking time bomb and you didn’t even see it coming. You begin to wonder what you could have done to help, maybe, just maybe, things would have been different.

But here’s the thing- there was never anything you could do because you didn’t even know. So I want to repeat this again, if you are suffering from depression, you don’t have to go through it alone; you shouldn’t. It is okay to ask for help.

Just look at depression as another bump on the road you have to cross in order to get to that beautiful golden town. I know, easier said, but really life is too short to be haunted by those demons. And it is never, never too late to seek help. Everyone deserves a happy life and everyone is worth living. Don’t ever let yourself believe otherwise.

Here’s a poem I find really inspiring. I found it on @poemheaven account on twitter:

we are all angels

with broken wings

and we try to

fix them

but it takes time

and sometimes

it takes a long

time before

you can fly again

but in the end

we’ll fly again

and be happier than

ever before.


In the meantime, keep being warriors and remember- you are stronger than depression. Sticks & stones.